Historic Timeline Of Homosexuality In The USA Culture and The Bible

In this one-hour presentation, Kathy Baldock shows how the USA culture and the bible viewed Homosexuality and how it changed over time. This documents the undeniable mistakes society and Christians made towards homosexuality.   

NOTE: To my non-affirming friends. I encourage you to watch this first before entering into a debate. 

Do you want to learn more?

Kathy has tons of amazing resources on her website. You can purchase her book Walking The Bridgeless Canyon: Repairing the Breach Between the Church and the LGBT Community Or get updates to her new book Forging A Sacred Weapon, which documents the mistranslation of the bible that included the word Homosexuals and how that changed everything.

How about a whole movie documentary about it! Well, we got that too! Check out 1946: The Mistranslation That Shifted Culture.

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